The girl does a twerking at a burberry shop

A girl who was around the mall with some friends shopping, and a friend of his challenges him to do a twerking inside a store and choose a burberry, They enter the store and the girl tells the clerk if she can make a twerk , The clerk looks at her and says that if she can do it because the girl is very good to see so she tells him that she can do it when she wants her permission, The girl prepares to do it but wants to put on a sexy lingerie to make the video hotter, since friends want to record it, the moment arrives and they go up to the showcase of the store and start to move their asses in front of everyone who is passing by at that precise moment, but the girl does not change and continues with her movements while her friend is recorded and then upload to the Internet, This ends with a manager fired and with the girl with a fine since it is forbidden to go teaching her body with very little clothes and in the middle of a shopping center, Y The boy was fired because he had given permission without first asking his superior.